Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Second Kidical Mass Ride: Saturday 5/4 at 9:00AM. Do-Over!

Hey everybody!

Our second Kidical Mass ride is upon us this Saturday, 5/4. And it's a do-over of our last one in terms of time, location, destination etc.

So that's easy.

I can't guarantee anything about weather, but my guess is it probably won't be 23 degrees with a 20 mph headwind!

Second monthly BTV Kidical Mass Ride

Saturday, 5/4, 9:00 AM, arrival at the playground by 10:00. Back to the starting point around noon, maybe grab a coffee at Maglianero if anybody is interested.

By the railroad shelter behind One Main on the bike path.

You, of course! Austen and I will be there with my bike, our trailer, and his balance bike for riding when we get where we are going.

Let's go for a ride!

For those of you coming from South Burlington of the South End, I'll be "riding to the ride" leaving from SBHS around 8:00 and taking the Dorset Street path across to Spear Street and then the to the  path north of 189 to hook up with the Burlington Bike Path at Oakledge and from there on in. Feel free to catch up with us anywhere along that route if you want to "ride to the ride" too! Hit me up in the comments, on twitter or Facebook if you want to join us!