About Us

BTV Kidical Mass is a periodic kid-oriented group bicycle ride in or around Burlington, Vermont

The goals of BTV Kidical Mass are:
-to have fun,
-to foster a love of bicycling in our youth,
-to connect parents and kids who want to make bicycling a bigger part of their lives,
-to educate one another about safe and effective cycling, and
-to celebrate the joy of getting around Chittenden County by bike, together!


 Q: Do I need to sign up for the ride?
 A: Nope. BTV Kidical Mass is very informal. There are no ride organizers or leaders and no registrations or releases. just show up at the designated start time and place to find other like-minded riders, and away we go!

Q: How far will we ride?
A: This will be somewhat dependent on who shows up and what the desire of the group is. Generally, the minimum ride distance will be 3 or 4 miles to a destination and 3 or 4 miles back (or people may decide to go their own way after arriving at the destination!) If there is a clear split in the group with older kids looking for a longer or faster ride, we can break apart into smaller groups as well.

Please add your questions in the comments section below!